Convention Traghettilines

Offers 5 June 2015

With Traghettilines you can book and purchase tickets for ferries to Sardinia covering shipping lines to the island, such as Linea dei Golfi. The procedure is simple and intuitive as the booking system has been constructed so as to make the consultation and purchase path secure, quick and easy: in just a few steps and in a few minutes you can find all the information about times, prices, fares, offers, routes, ports and availability of the shipping companies operating ships and ferries to and from Sardinia. Enjoy your trip.

Notte dei poeti, Nora

Events, Music 2 June 2015

From 13 to 21 July and from 1st to August 4, 2015.

The Festival will be developed in two parts, the first phase, 13 to 21 July, will liven up Nora with performances, workshops, entertainment activities; the second part is the fourth edition of ‘Nora Jazz Festival’, August 1 to 4, four evenings in the company of the most interesting of the season 2012. The Festival combines tradition and innovation, poetry and theater.

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The Iberians after Aristeo, moved to Sardinia under the guidance of Norac and they founded the city of Nora, and handed down that this was the first city of the island. It is said that Norac was the son of Hermes and Eritheia daughter of Geryon.
Pausania,Periegesi della Grecia, X, 17,5